2019 Treasure Hunt from Hak4Kidz

The Treasure HAS  BEEN FOUND! 4/30/2019

See solution sheet at the end of page

Jenny Kile of Mysterious Writings introduced the BloomCON Hak4Kidz attendees to a real-life treasure hunt right in our back yard!

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It is hidden somewhere in Columbia County PA. The treasure includes a gold medallion from Forrest Fenn, a signed copy of the Thrill of the Chase by Forrest Fenn and a signed copy of Jenny Kile’s book.

The hint sheet is below

To download a full size version  click here

Questions from kids from the Workshop To Forrest Fenn:

1)Do you really think that kids can solve your poem?

I think the smart ones have a good shot at solving it.

2)The treasure chest is cool. I like reading and I will get some books from the library to help me solve your puzzle. What books should I get?

You should get The Thrill of the Chase.

3)I live with my grandpa and he will have to take me. He can’t walk very good. Can he still go and help me?

I hid it when I was about 80 years old and it was not difficult for me.

4)You said start where warm water stops, but how can warm water stop? Does it stop when it is cold?

Those questions are part of the puzzle you have to figure out.

5)I read your poem but don’t know where the treasure is. What should I do?

Read the poem a few more times and start thinking better.

6)We studied the Continental Divide and I think that is the starting point. Sorry this is not a question but it has to be.

The Continental Divide is a very long line in the Rocky Mountains. Start where you think you need to?

7)It seems plain weird to me that we can go get your treasure and have it. Will it really belong to us if we find it?

Yes, if you are strong enough to carry it.

8)How do you decode the poem?

Very carefully with determination and tenacity

9)I see Brown is capitalized in your poem. Does that mean it is a man?

That is one of the things you have to figure out for yourself

10)Are you rich?

By some standards yes and by other standards no

11) Is it in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, or Montana?


12)I want to find your treasure. What should I do first?

Figure out where warm waters halt


NEW CLUE!!!! – Posted 4/8/2019

3 Lines are drawn
and then you will see
How X marks the spot
the place of three


NEW CLUE 4/26/2019

New version of the clue map

Download a full size printable version HERE

Second set of questions from kids from the Workshop To Forrest Fenn:

13)Is the water in your poem warm because of a hot spring or for another reason?

Probably one of those two reasons, but maybe not

14)Do you think there is treasure at Oak Island?


15)Is all we have to do is work out what your words mean and follow them? Like walk from place to place like a scavenger hunt or what?

Yes, and take your map with you

16)Do you play Fortnite?

I don’t even know what that is

17)There are words like nigh in your poem I’m not sure of and seem old. What does nigh mean? Will I need an old dictionary or something?

Use Google to help you with that one

18)I can’t drive yet but when I can I’m going hunting. Do you think the treasure will still be there in the same place?

It will be there if it hasn’t moved for some reason

19)How will I know if I have the clues right before my family and me drives out to get the treasure?

You probably won’t

20)Why did you hide the treasure in the place you did?

Because I wanted you to go out looking for it


Matt R. found the token on the back of the Large Sign across from the VFW Post 804, right NEAR where the event took place.  He parked between the water and road.   X marked the Spot (the framework behind the Sign) where the magnetic key case with Token to claim prize was hidden.