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Escape room* 

Harrisburg Escape Rooms is bringing their mobile adventure to Hak4Kidz! Come investigate the Mummy’s Tomb and escape the Zombie Virus!*

Programming Challenge with LEGO WeDo

Students will complete a challenge by building a machine with LEGOs and programming it to complete a task.

Hack it together –  Soldering project

Learn to solder and make a cool badge that is part of a treasure hunt!

Students will learn the basics of soldering. There will be an introduction to the equipment, safety, techniques, and fixing mistakes. Soldering irons burn! Getting burned hurts! Keep safety in mind if signing up for this workshop.

Code Combat Intro to Python Coding

Learn the basics of Python coding while playing a fun game! No experience necessary – students will advance in the game at their own pace.

Codes and Ciphers 

Code and decode messages while learning the basics of cryptology. Students will compete to break codes and be the first to unlock a mysterious box.

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Financial Hacks 

Hack a budget with Thrivent Financial and win prizes!

Life skills 101: Hack a budget to come out with money at the end of the month. Students will learn about budgeting and compete for a prize.


Learn about the engineering of locks.

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Duct Tape Hacks

What can you hack together with Duck tape?

Best project wins a prize!

Snap Circuits

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Reverse engineering

Take things apart – see what’s inside. Try to identify parts.

Healthy Eating Hacks

Healthy snacks by Weis markets. Don’t have a lot of time?  Stop by the Weis Market Healthy Eating Hacks booth and learn how to hack together a healthy snack!

STEM Reading Corner

Kick back, relax and read some great books with a STEM theme with the traveling library’s librarians!

Hak-A-Badge with Chibitronics

Lego Maniacs*

(Stop Motion with Legos): It’s time to get your Lego freak on! Every Lego Maniac has an epic movie just wanting to burst out of their brain and into the world. This is the chance to make that happen! Learn Stop Motion Animation. You’ll build Lego sets, use Lego mini-fig characters and learn how to make your vision into an actual animated clip. – 30min workshop.

Nerf Modification Club

Hiding in Plain Sight

Columbia Montour United Way program Hiding in Plain Sight, is a simulation of a high school student’s bedroom, to help parents and concerned community members recognize unfamiliar hazards that are often in plain sight. By walking through a makeshift child’s bedroom, parents learn to identify objects that could provide critical insights about risky behavior. Amidst the clutter of clothing scattered on the floor, school supplies on a desk and personal care products on a vanity are items that can actually be signals that a young person could be involved in risky, and harmful behavior.

We Discover Geeks COSPLAY Hakz

The escape rooms and Lego Maniacs workshops come with a $4.00 fee er person – to register, click HERE